Assassin Creed the Rebel Collection

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Here is the operation flow how end user get the NS Assassin Creed Rogue


AC Rogue is treated as "Free-download DLC access-able only from AC Rebel Menu"

Which means: NO key redeem required


User run AC Rebel Game, select AC Rogue, it will get linked to Eshop to free-download the  "DLC", reboot the game, and play AC Rogue part.


NS-Worldwide master copy, and it will be listed on all Eshop, so user will have free-downloaded without problem.

Download size for the AC Rogue: 7.15GB



If i sell the Assassin Creed Rogue collections to another guy


1. Can i play AC Rogue which i have downloaded? 

Ans: No, you can only play AC Rogue part if you own AC Rebel Collection. AC Rogue part is DLC of AC Rebel Collection.


2. Can the new user be able to download the game again? 

Ans: Yes, new user can free-download it.  

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