HORI Fighting Stick PS5/PS4/PS3/PC-129A

  • HORI Fighting Stick PS5/PS4/PS3/PC-129A
  • Model: PS5/PS4/PS3/PC Accessories
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight 2.30kg
  • Rp.1,500,000


A high-performance arcade controller at an affordable price. 
Ideal for beginner players playing arcade controllers for the first time.

High-performance controller for beginner players

Despite its compact size, it is equipped with a stick lever and buttons that are the same size as the arcade housing, so you can enjoy the same operability as a full-scale arcade controller.

Can store cables

Newly adopted magnetic cable cover.

The cable can be completely stored inside.

Stereo headphone / microphone terminal

Equipped with a stereo headphone / microphone terminal on the side of this product.

You can connect the headset directly to this product.

Other installed functions

・ Continuous fire / continuous fire hold function
・ Continuous fire speed switching function (5 ・ 10 ・ 20 times / sec)
・ Hardware switching function
・ Assign (button function switching) function * 1
・ Internal buttons and stick levers can be replaced  * 2


* 1 By switching the assign mode switch, the functions of other buttons 
 can be assigned or disabled for each of the L1, L2, and OPTIONS buttons 
* 2 Replacement is not covered by the warranty. Please do it at your own risk.

Product Specifications

Size : Approx. (W) 335mm x (D) 230mm x (H) 110mm (including stick lever) 
Weight : Approx. 1.5kg 
Connection method : USB cable Connection 
Cable length : Approx. 3.0m 
PC compatible OS : Windows 10 / 8-8.1 / 7 
* This product has been confirmed to work on PlayStation®5.

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