Disgaea 5 Makai Senki (Japan)

  • Disgaea 5 Makai Senki (Japan)
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The game features the same gameplay as Disgaea 1 and 2, with additional gameplay features, such as Magichange and Evilities. The game also tweaks a familiar system changing the geo panels and how they function.

Magichange is a special Monster command where a Monster Unit transforms into a weapon, having 30% of its original stats and the Human character gaining its Evility and exclusive Magichange skills. Magichange lasts for 2 turns(depending on which club or evility) and the Monster that Magichanged will be counted as defeated.

A new feature added is called Clubs. Clubs are special groups where assigning a character to a club in Homeroom will allow the character to gain access to special bonuses(i.e. Experience + 25%, Increased Magichange Turns). Characters can only be part of one club at a time, in addition, characters and monsters in the same club can only Magichange inside the same club.

Evilities are similar to the unique abilties for each character in Disgaea 2 and while characters have 1 primary Evility, they can equip any secondary Evility as long as it is not unique to another character. They have a wide variety of effects such as Star Body reducing Star damage by 50% or Violence increasing all stats by 50% and reducing Experience gain by 50%.

Another new feature is Class World, similar to Item World where the player goes inside an item, the player goes inside a character to improve Aplitudes, Movement, learn new Evilities and Skills from Members of the same club. There is only 10 floors and at the end, there is a Class Boss depending if the character is Good-For-Nothing or Genius.

A new feature in Item World is Reverse Pirating, by defeating Pirates and clearing the stage they appear on. The player can pass a bill which allows them to Reverse Pirate. It requires a Pirate Ship and on Floors 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100(must be cleared first), the player will travel to a stage filled with Chests, Innocents and a Level Sphere. The player can throw the Innocents and other items to the Pirate Ship to gain their bonuses. 

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