Unicorn Overlord

  • Unicorn Overlord
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Reclaim a treacherous continent consumed by evil in this tactical fantasy RPG.

From 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim creators Vanillaware, Unicorn Overlord combines overworld exploration and an innovative turn-based battle system with the studio's iconic style. Take up arms as Alain, an exiled prince, and conquer an enormous overworld with the purifying power of the Ring of the Unicorn.
Raise an army with over 60 unique characters, including humans, beasts, elves and angels, to restore Fevrith to its former glory. Chart a unique course through the continent's regions, taking on varied, challenging quests to find recruits and resources for the war effort.
Defeat imperial forces to liberate towns and forts, then help them rebuild to gain access to useful new facilities. The places you go and the battles you fight are your decisions to make.

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