Switch Split Pad Controller Fit Eevee (HORI) NSW-454A

  • Switch Split Pad Controller Fit Eevee (HORI) NSW-454A
  • Model: Switch Accessories
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight 0.50kg
  • Rp.750,000

Product Description:

Introducing the newest member of the HORI Split Pad family - The Split Pad Compact (Eevee Evolutions)! The Split Pad Compact provides a pro controller-like experience in Handheld Mode. Featuring comfortable and easy-to-use analog sticks, D-pad, and shoulder buttons. Advanced features include assignable rear triggers, Turbo functionality, and more. Great for a wide range of Nintendo Switch™ titles. The Split Pad Compact's ergonomic design fits your hands perfectly for increased comfort and control. Enjoy a new gaming experience with the Split Pad Compact! (Does not include Motion Controls, HD Rumble, NFC, or IR camera.) Officially Licensed by Nintendo® & Pokémon.

Product Features:

• Full size controller experience in Handheld Mode
• Features ergonomic grips equipped with rear triggers, turbo functionality, and D-pad
• Featuring cute Eevee Evolutions design
• Compatible with Nintendo Switch™ and Nintendo Switch™ - OLED Model
• Officially Licensed by Nintendo® & The Pokémon Company International

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