Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition

  • Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition
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Legend of Kay Anniversary is a thoroughly remastered version of the original 2005 game, and features high-resolution textures, more detailed character models, modern rendering techniques, and crystal-clear surround sound to give this classic a new shine.

Legend of Kay sets out to take the player on a journey which combines classic Jump and Run elements with an immersive story driven adventure. For generations the peaceful cats have lived on the mythical island Peng-Lai in the Chinese sea, together with many other animals. Kay, the cat hero of this game, is an apprentice in martial arts. He was practicing in his masters Dojo when emperor Shun king of the mighty gorillas - attacked his home and dislodged the cat township. On a quest to protect his fellows, Kay begins an amazing journey which takes him across the vast island of Peng-Lai. Gradually, he begins to unravel the incredible secret that lies hidden in the volcano fortress of emperor Shun...

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